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Understanding and care for our body is key to a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. We teach our students about the culture of body care and sports.

The student will incorporate healthy habits into their life thanks to health education and a wide range of extracurricular sports activities.

Drawing of a basketball


  • CWe have 3,500 m2 of sports facilities of the highest standard: a poly sports track with a soccer field, three basketball courts and a mini-basketball court. Three volleyball courts, 1 soccer field - 7 with artificial grass, two multi-purpose rooms, a climbing wall... and more than 3,000 m2 of outdoor spaces.
  • Each of the many educational activities we offer requires a different position of the body. All our furniture is flexible in order to enhance the students' mobility.
  • The acoustics, light and ventilation conditions are designed to favour the ideal environment for enhanced comfort.
  • Our canteen service integrates a global perspective: a gastronomical education project.
Children playing on the school football field
Aldapeta participates in the Schools Committed to Sports and Health Program.
Head of body development area meeting on a lawn with students
Student with a real shirt and a blue heart drawn on her face running, in the background more students running
We work on the corporal dimension to educate students about an understanding of the body itself, its capabilities and limitations, as a starting point for personal evolution.

We integrate our bodily experience as part of our personal being.